is a non-profit scientific organisation with the objective

to stimulate scientific research and teaching methodology

in the fields of geometry and computer graphics

and to foster international collaboration.


SSGG informs on organisation of different scientific events related to geometry and computer graphics organised in Slovakia.

SSGG provides a platform for donations and sponsorship of scientific workers in the related fields (especially young ones) in order to stimulate scientific development in these disciplines and to enhance the quality of geometry and graphics education of engineers and designers particularly.

Society is publisher of G, the first Slovak scientific journal for geometry and graphics.

All other activities dealing with dissemination of knowledge in the fields of geometry and graphics are welcome, discussion forum on Internet, software market, workshops, Internet courses and chats, etc., and can be provided within the scope of society activities.

Slovak Society for Geometry and Graphics is a collective member of ISGG - International Society for Geometry and Graphics.



Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Námestie Slobody 17

812 31 Bratislava, Slovakia

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