Slovak Society for GEOMETRY and GRAPHICS

had been found and registered on May 13, 2002, at the Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic.

SSGG is an official institution to inform on organisation of different scientific events related to geometry and computer graphics, providing a platform for donations and sponsorship of scientists in this field (especially young people), in order to stimulate scientific development in these disciplines, and to enhance the quality of geometry nad graphics education of engineers and designers particularly. Group of Slovak Women in Mathematics, members of the EWM - European Women in Mathematics, is actively working within the scope of SSGG.

One of the activities of the society is connected to the publication and publishment of scientific papers.
Society is oficial publisher of scientific journal for geometry in Slovak language called G.

All other activities dealing with spreading the knowledge of geometry and graphics are welcome,

discussion forum on Internet
software market
internet courses and chats, etc.,

and can be provided within the scope of society activities.

SSGG is a non-profit organization and expenses connected with its activities are covered by membership dues, official sources supports and institutional sponsorships.
The Society is governed by a committee headed by its Chairperson.
The SSGG top organ is the annual General Assembly meeting.
SSGG membership can be individual or collective.
All rights and duties of society members are clearly stated in the document Stanovy SSGG.

Any interested party can become a member - individual or collective.

Slovak Society for Geometry and Graphics is a collective member of

ISGG - International Society for Geometry and Graphics

The objective of the society is to foster international collaboration
and stimulate scientific research and teaching methodology in the fields of geometry and computer graphics.
The society is a non-profit international organization with its registered administrative office where the President resides.
The current incumbent president of the ISGG is Prof. Luigi Cocchiarella, Politechnico di Milano, Italy.
The Vice-President for Europe, Near East and Africa is Prof. Hans-Peter Schröcker, University of Innsbruck, Austria.